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Sophia Rayat was crowned Mrs Worldwide United 2018,

at the historic Scottish Rite Theater on July 11, 2018 in Omaha, Nebraska. Sophia has a bachelor of Arts Degree that she received in India, and a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Melbourne University.  She is an advocate and an ambassador for The Global Women's Project, which helps provide to women around the world, access to information, skills and resources within their communities. Additionally, women in Nepal and Cambodia are provided the opportunity to have a safe and secure future. Sophia has worked hard in both her community and during the pageant competition week; as she gained and protrayed confidence, courage and dedication to her platform. Sophia has also been involved in many fashion shows and has helped to raise money for her charity through those events. She loves portraying her own style, but is also inspired by Hollywood and Bollywood actresses. Her best advice for women in pageantry is to stay positive and no matter what happens, remember that you are still a queen from the heart!




Sophia Rayat, Mrs. Worldwide United 2018
Sophia Rayat, Mrs. Worldwide United

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