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Mrs. USA Worldwide 2017-2018

Melinda Gonzalez


Melinda Gonzalez was crowned Mrs. USA Worldwide 2017-2018. Melinda is a Registered Nurse and Physical Fitness Instructor from Lincoln, Nebraska.  She is currently working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and in the past, has worked in Critical Care. She also is a Zumba Instructor for the YMCA. Melinda is married to Carlos and has 3 kids. Monica 17, Carmin 11, and Eli 9. Both Monica and Carmin are active in pageantry as well striving to make our community a better place.

Melinda spends a lot of her free time volunteering for different organizations such as The American Red Cross where she is part of the First Aid Team, The Alzheimer Association, and The American Cancer Society, The Juvenile Diabetes Association, and Boxes of Love. The 2 Organizations that are closest to Melinda's heart are The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and The American Heart Association. Over the past 17 years Melinda's mother has been battling with both Leukemia and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  And this year her husband was diagnosed with a 90% blockage in his LAD and heart disease which required surgery. When Melinda is not busy volunteering she is busy doing events and activities with her family.  

"As Mrs. USA Worldwide I plan to remain active in my community, and promote my platforms of Cancer Awareness and Health Awareness.  I will continue to encourage my children and their friends to follow their dreams as I have mine. No matter what obstacle you may face, you can ALWAYS strive to overcome it."



Melinda Gonzalez

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